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  • A Better Choice in Emergency Eyewash Equipment

    If you have a chemical splash into your eye, do you want to attempt to use a small disposable bottle of eye wash solution and hope for the best, or would you want a permanent wash station providing constant flow?

    This is the question posed by an OSHA inspector to the safety manager of a small Indiana-based company recently when the safety manager stated "I thought having this bottle mounted on the wall fulfilled the emergency eye wash station requirement." The company was then hit with a $1200 fine. Continue reading

  • How to Choose Soap Dispensers From Our Manufacturers

    If you run a business, especially one in the food industry, then you know how important it is to have soap dispensers. From keeping employee hands sanitized to allowing your customers to clean up after eating or using the facilities, it is important to know what kind of soap dispenser is best for your business. Our manufacturers have a few choices to pick from so that you can find the perfect one for your situation. Continue reading

  • How to Choose a Hand Dryer from Our Manufacturers

    If you own or manage a business with a public bathroom, hand dryers are an integral part of hygeine and convenience. Our manufacturers have a variety of styles and here are a few tips on which one will work best in your business. Continue reading

  • Keep Employees Safer With Guardian Safety Eye and Face Wash Stations

    If you have a business that has access to dangerous substances that can harm employees' eyes, you can keep them safer with Guardian Safety Eye and Face Wash Stations. Not only is this a requirement by law, but it can mean the difference between someone having a much more serious injury that can lead to further complications and even blindness.

    Emergency eye and face wash systems are in place so that employees can flush their eyes in case they are exposed to a toxic substance. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a couple of different standards when it comes to this type of equipment and how it applies to specific work situations. Continue reading

  • A Haws Hydration Station is a Sustainable Solution for Businesses

    If you own a business then you know how important it is to provide fresh water for your employees, especially those that work outside in the heat. A water fountain is fine but employees and guests have to go to it whenever they want fresh water. With a Haws Hydration Station, you get a sustainable solution for your business that is convenient to use. Continue reading

  • Track Your Water Conservation Plumbing Products' Performance with a Water Score Card

    Often one of the most difficult aspects of tracking sustainability is helping people to clearly understand the impact that sustainability can have, on both the business bottom line and the wider world in which that business operates. Everyone from stakeholders to dishwashers will only buy into what they see as “additional effort” if they are clearly able to see that those strides make a difference.

    This is where the new Water Score Card tool for businesses can make a difference. Developed for US businesses by AT&T and EDF and useful in a variety of businesses, the Water Score Card “provides a single and clear metric for quantifying the overall effectiveness of the water management program at your facilities.” Using 12 straightforward components, the score card helps staff and management to focus on particular elements of water usage, such as the effect of water conservation plumbing products. Continue reading

  • Choosing Commercial Faucets: Manual Vs. Sensor Faucets

    Whether you own a retail store, restaurant, or event venue, commercial faucets are something you must have in order for your staff and guests to be able to clean their hands and perform other bathroom and kitchen duties. One of the main differences in commercial faucets is that they are specifically built for high traffic and some contain special features you typically don't find in residential faucets such as sensor operation. Continue reading

  • Emergency Eyewash Equipment is Required in Certain Workplaces

    If you own a business where there are hazardous areas, emergency eyewash equipment is required by OSHA standards. What this means to you is that any area where an employee or customer might be exposed to hazardous materials, an eyewash station is a requirement that has to be met in order to be compliant with OSHA regulations. Continue reading

  • Choosing the Right Drinking Fountains & Water Coolers

    Drinking fountains & water coolers are integral to any business or establishment where the public frequents. Whether it's a school, condo, hotel, or grocery store, drinking fountains and water coolers make it easy for your visitors to enjoy a fresh drink of water both inside and outside. There are a few key elements to know when choosing what type of fountain or cooler you need. Continue reading

  • Some Elkay History

    Elkay Manufacturing  has always been a family owned business. Their history starts in Chicago's north side 1920. Founders Leopold Katz and his son Louis used determination and skill to  increase the number of employees from 3 to 7 in less than a year and, by 1927 their residential butler and pantry sinks became best sellers. Continue reading

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