Essential Emergency Eyewash Equipment

According to the National Institute for for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOHS), there are over 2000 workplace related eye injuries per day treated in US hospital emergency rooms. About 20% of these are chemical related. Emergency Eyewash Equipment is required by OSHA in areas of exposure to chemicals. Are you in compliance? And what if […]

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Saving Water With Water Conservation Plumbing Products

Water is starting to become a scarce resource across the world as the human population increases. According to the United Nations, “Around 1.2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of physical scarcity, and 500 million people are approaching this situation.” Water conservation plumbing products are an excellent way to preserve this vital resource […]

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Tap Into Water Bottle Filling Stations For a Greener Environment

Refilling an eight-ounce empty water bottle at a regular water fountain has always been an exercise in futility. It usually takes just the precise amount of bottle tilt to get it at least three-quarters full, never mind the increasing line of thirsty people impatiently waiting for you. Now there is a newer, easier way to […]

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Emergency Eyewash Equipment on hand for July 4th?

With the Fourth of July upon us, it seems that every year there’s a flood of stories about accidents caused by fireworks. We know you probably aren’t shooting off fireworks at your company Fourth of July party, but you might be. If so, are you prepared for any eye emergencies?

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Water Conservation Plumbing Products

Conserving water is important for the environment and a business’s bottom line. With efficient plumbing technologies it is easier to reduce the consumption of water in your business, whether you are a hotel or restaurant. The bathrooms are the logical place to start using water conservation plumbing products. In the United States, toilets and urinals […]

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Welcome to the Renaissance: Drinking Fountains & Water Coolers

In 1980, according to Pacific Institute water guru Peter H. Gleick, the average American drank about a gallon of commercial bottled water per year. By 2010, the figure went as high as 30 gallons — and with it came the associated waste in plastic and energy. But as consumers ditch the disposable plastic bottle, they’re […]

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Choosing commercial flush valves: the classics vs. the latest

Commercial flush valves Whether for new installation or retrofitting old fixtures, there are many choices for commercial flush valves these days that save water — and save time. These aren’t your grandfather’s flush valves; here’s a few of the latest.

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Capitalizing on Water Conservation Plumbing Products

The days of putting a brick in the toilet tank to save water are long gone, thankfully. But while water conservation remains an issue for most business and commercial applications, heading into the Summer of ’12 there are several tools and incentives — that go beyond just usage costs — that make water conservation plumbing […]

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Antimicrobial Silver Coating in Plumbing Fixtures

The use of silver antimicrobial coatings can provide many benefits to facilities managers and maintenance personnel. The silver coating helps limit the growth of bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi reducing odors and stains and improving hygiene.

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Conserve Water with Low-Flow Pre-rinse Spray Valves

While Pre-rinse spray valves are a big help when it comes to washing the dishes, they are a major source of water usage, consuming around 30 percent of all water used at a restaurant. There are now many options available for low-flow pre-rinse spray valves to help you save water and money.

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