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Sloan Products

  • Sloan BASYS Faucet Line

    At the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo in Toronto, manufacturers showcase their products' water or energy efficiency. For the faucets and sinks category, Sloan introduced their BASYS senssor faucet line. It is available in for power options, including alternative sources using hydro-turbine or solar technology. The BASYS line features three spray modules, five body types and four crowns with external diagnostic LED indicators so you can configure the faucets to fit almost any need.
  • Types of Waterfree Urinals

    Waterless urinals are becoming more and more popular as the green building movement continues to grow. Most waterfree urinals use some form of oil based sealing liquid that is lower density than urine. This causes the urine to sink through the sealing liquid, where it collects in the waste pipe. Air bubbles will rise through the liquid, leaving the urine in a low oxygen environment that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria.

    Below you will find an overview of the different types of waterless urinals.

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  • Four Sloan Energy-friendly Products

    In a time where budgets are shrinking and the demand for green products is growing, Kully Supply offers a wide range of energy-efficient plumbing supplies. Here are four Sloan products available through Kully Supply that address both sustainability and lower costs:

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