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Chicago Faucets Offer Choices in Food Service Equipment

When it comes to food service, your kitchen is the most important part of your business. While you can get by with the basics, Chicago Faucets offers an excellent selection of helpful food service equipment to ensure that your kitchen runs seamlessly.

  • Glass Fillers. Glass fillers are perfect for keeping your service area efficient and convenient. There are standard ones available as well as those with rubber bumpers for even more convenience.
  • Pot Fillers.Pot fillers make it easy for your kitchen staff to fill pots easily without trying to maneuver a pot under a small faucet. You can get pot fillers with up to 60" hoses or with up to 12" lever handles depending on your preference and needs.
  • Hose Reels. Hose reels are perfect for commercial kitchens as pre-rinse units. Your employees won't have to try to stretch a hose longer than it is capable of and it adds flexibility and convenience. These extend the reach of your pre-rinse unit considerably - up to 50 feet in some cases.
  • Faucets. Wall mounted and deck mounted faucets are available in the gooseneck spout or a swing spout. These are full-flow faucets and are integral to any commercial kitchen.
  • Pre-Rinse Units. Pre-rinse units are used for cleaning nearby equipment, filling other sinks, pre-rinsing plates and more. They come with water conserving spray valves which make them more efficient and they use less water consumption which helps with your overhead costs.

No matter what kind of kitchen you run, these products will help you save time and money while having an efficient work area. To learn more about these products or others or to place an order, simply contact us so we can help.

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