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Water Bottle Filling Stations: Keep Employees Hydrated and Customers Happy

Every day, Americans are trading their packaged bottled water for environmentally-friendly, cost-effective refillable bottles. It's only natural that water bottle filling stations have become popular in cafes, gyms, college settings, even replacing the water cooler in some offices. If you're beginning to notice employees filling bottles at the bathroom sink or craning underneath a slowly dripping water cooler, it may be time to consider installing a bottle filling station in your place of business.

As well as supporting the immune system, drinking plenty of water prevents fatigue and promotes relaxation and higher cognitive function. In essence, a well-hydrated employee is less likely to burn out and more likely to be the star contributor of your next staff meeting. Water coolers are the time-honored solution, but they need to be refilled frequently, require cups, and depending on the model, a bottle may not fit between the spout and the overflow tray. Providing a filling station could turn out to be a huge morale booster, and some models (like the Haws Brita 2000SM surface mount HydrationStation) only require a water source for installation.

In a cafe or bar setting, a bottle filling station could save your staff the time and trouble of fetching glasses of water for customers. Furthermore, the customer doesn't have to wait; they can grab a cup or refill their bottle whenever they're thirsty. Coffee shop patrons are more likely to be on the go and carrying their own water bottles, so in the case of a bar, a stack of nearby cups would be a good idea.

Even retail establishments, in walking areas, could benefit from a bottle filling station. After all, in the summertime, traversing a long boulevard with bags or a baby carriage in tow could easily classify as exercise. Some window shoppers may question the cleanliness of a public water fountain outside your establishment, but an indoor filling station puts germ anxiety to rest. If cups are provided, you'll quickly notice customers sipping fresh water while they pore over your wares, and they'll remember the kind courtesy your shop provided.

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