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Neorest Suites from Toto Are the Epiphany of Luxury

The designers at Toto wanted to create a new way for you to live in a modern bathroom. In the Neorest suite, design and technology blend to give you a sense of relaxation that will redefine your relationship with water. This suite actually remembers the water temperature you prefer and how deep you like your bath. The technological advances of this luxury suite are astounding.

Neorest Suites include an air bath, sensory lavatory and faucet, lavatory with LED lighting, and the new Neorest 550H toilet with ewater+. Separately, these fixtures are amazing; togther, they are perfect. The air bath features 161 gallon capacity, 15 separate water jets, 2 cascading shoulder warmers, a hand held shower, 2 underwater lighting modules, and much more.

You have a choice of Neorest sensory lavatory and faucet or Neorest II Vessel Lavatory with LED lighting. Designed to fit perfectly into the Neorest Suite, the sensory lavatory features Sanagloss glazing; an exceptionally smooth coating that helps keep the basin clean longer. The Vessel Lavatory comes with Neorest II epoxy resin which is semi clear and is proven to be highly scratch and impact resistant. The Neorest 550 II comes with the super efficient Cyclone jet flushing system, Sanagloss coating, automatic open and closing lid, adjustable heated seat, remote control with handy hangar, Washlet cleaning system including front, rear, and soft settings, oscillating and pulsing cleaning, and even a night light.

Toto thought of everything when they designed this unique suite. For more information on what else Toto can provide, contact us today!

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