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Zurn Waterless Urinals Are Perfect For High Traffic Areas

Did you know that on average a urinal uses over 40,000 gallons of water each year? That's money going right down the drain, but if you have a business where there is high traffic, Zurn waterless urinals are a perfect way to save water, save money, and they're eco-friendly. These are especially helpful in areas where it may be harder to find a water supply and best of all, no water stains to clean up.

How waterless urinals work is by either using a cartridge or proprietary liquid and since there is no water to mix with urine, there's no odor. The Zurn waterless urinals are a non-cartridge version and work with minimal maintenance and installation; they even fit existing installations and are user friendly. You simply install the waterless urinal, use the AquaGreen sealant to fill the trap and that's it; the urinal is ready to be used and you're already saving money.

This version of waterless urinal uses AquaGreen a urinal sealant, which has gravity that is lighter than urine. What this means is that the urine travels through to the drain line and the AquaGreen keeps the trap sealed shut.

Since it doesn't use water you save on sewer and water costs and there is no odor that has to be monitored. It has a Vitreous China construction which is sanitary and easy to clean when it needs a wipe-down.

If you want to learn more about how waterless urinals work or how they can save you money, simply contact us and we can help you with all of your questions.

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