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Pressure-Assist Toilets Generate Savings for Your Business

As a business owner, you want to make sure you are using your resources with maximum efficiency. One valuable resource is water. Using water efficiently not only leads to lower costs, it also helps the community to conserve a commodity that can be in short supply, particularly in the hot summer months.

One way to conserve water is to use high-efficiency toilets. For commercial establishments, a good option to consider is a pressure-assist toilet. While most people are familiar with the gravity-flush toilets most homes use, a pressure-assist toilet works a little differently. Inside the ceramic tank is a separate pressure tank to hold water. After each flush, it is refilled with water under normal pressure. As the water rises in the tank, it pushes air to the top, compressing it. Once released, the compressed air forcefully flushes water into the toilet, pushing waste out.

While a pressure-assist toilet can cost a little more than one with a gravity-flush mechanism, it has some key advantages for the business owner:

1. Uses less water - Because it uses both pressure and gravity, the pressure-assist toilet needs less water: as little as 1 gpf (gallon per flush). Traditional flush toilets used as much as 3.5 gpf. The savings can be substantial for a high-use toilet in an office or commercial environment.

2. Cleaner - The strong flushing action gets the toilet cleaner, keeping restrooms sanitary and odor-free longer. The tank-within-a-tank design prevents condensation from forming on the outer tank on humid days, making it easier to keep it clean.

3. Less Maintenance - Because the pressure-assist toilet has less moving parts, it is less likely to break or need repairs.

4. Rebates - Many states offer rebates to homes as well as businesses which replace older toilets with high-efficiency models.

Kully Supply, Inc. has a huge selection of commercial plumbing products. Zurn, one of the brands we carry, has a line of pressure-assist toilets, including single and dual-flush models. For more information, contact us.

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