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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Toto's Double Cyclone Flushing System

    Toto, the world's largest plumbing manufacturer, introduces the industry's first one gallon per flush toilet. This ultra high efficiency toilet utilizes Toto's brand new state of the art Double Cyclone flushing system. This green flushing toilet couples performance and superb bowl cleaning with ultra high efficiency to save money, water, and time. Continue reading

  • Elkay EZH2O Installation

  • Metered Chicago Faucets Provide Excellent Water Savings

    Metered Chicago faucets are an excellent choice for businesses looking to save on water usage. These faucets come in many different models that support varying purposes. They are designed with a sleek and stylish look that can accommodate any restroom. Adjustments are provided so that water amounts can be regulated as well as temperatures for dual supply faucets. Installing metered Chicago faucets can be most beneficial for businesses looking to save money and water. Continue reading

  • Water Conservation Plumbing Products Being Challenged through the WaterSense Program

    Much like the Energy Star program emphasized reducing energy usage, the WaterSense program is designed to help identify water conservation plumbing products. The Environmental Protection Agency created this program so that consumers would be able to find water saving solutions quickly. It emphasizes the importance of reducing water usage as not only an environmental solution but also provides it as an economical one as well.  Continue reading

  • Oasis Aqua Pointe Bottle Fillers In Use In San Francisco Schools

    The crusade to reduce consumption of single-use plastic water bottles has now been embraced by the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). Oasis Aqua Pointe® Bottle Fillers, produced by Oasis International, are playing a key role. Quick, easy installation and ease-of-use were key factors in the selection of the Oasis product.

    The City of San Francisco demonstrated leadership in requiring water filling stations via a recently passed city ordinance. Both new and remodeled buildings that have drinking fountains will be required to include bottle filling stations as well. Continue reading

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