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Water Bottle Filling Stations in School - Good Health and Good Environmental Practice

Hydration is the number one ingredient to good health. Water Bottle Filling Stations are quickly becoming the answer in health care facilities, fitness clubs, and especially in schools across the country. The benefits of having a bottle filling station are numerous and provide a fast, sanitary, and environmentally friendly solution to promoting good water drinking practices.

Everyone knows that water is your body's principal component and that it makes up about sixty percent of your body weight. Proper hydration in school-age children is essential for good health and promotes active and energetic students, helping them excel in sports and academics alike throughout the day. According to the Mayo clinic, "Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired."

Installing water bottle filling stations in schools is the solution to assuring that children have safe, clean access to water and actually promote the consumption of water. Filling stations are designed to be quick and easy to use by incorporating simple one handed operations into their design. Many actually feature touch free operation and use various filtration systems and antimicrobial treatments to assure the highest degree of sanitation and clean water.

An ever growing important side benefit of having access to water bottle filling stations relates to the reduction of our dependency on plastic water bottles that go straight to the recycling bin or worse, in landfills and garbage dumps. Minimizing plastic water bottle waste in our environment has become an issue of enormous proportions, and filling stations are the answer.

Reusing safe non-toxic water containers is not only good for the environment, it's good for your budget as well. By installing water bottle filling stations in schools, the number of water bottles that schools or parents purchase will be reduced to a fraction.

Several higher education schools, such as Temple and Princeton already have a hundred of water bottle filling stations located throughout their campuses. They create environmental, as well as economic, sustainability and, most importantly, promote the safe and sanitary consumption of drinking water that benefits the body and the mind. Contact Kully Supply if your school or business is ready to promote good health today.

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