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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Essential Emergency Eyewash Equipment

    According to the National Institute for for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOHS), there are over 2000 workplace related eye injuries per day treated in US hospital emergency rooms. About 20% of these are chemical related. Emergency Eyewash Equipment is required by OSHA in areas of exposure to chemicals. Are you in compliance? And what if your workplace is mobile, maybe a construction site? What if your workplace goes beyond the factory walls? You can still remain in compliance. Continue reading

  • Range of green plumbing products

    People rarely think about plumbing and because of that they may be missing a great chance to save money and do some real good for the environment.

    One of the hot topics these days in the building industry is green building. Plumbing is rarely near the top of the list when eco-friendly building is being discussed, but it should be.

    There are a number of green plumbing products that can save money and increase efficiency. Continue reading

  • Saving Water With Water Conservation Plumbing Products

    Water is starting to become a scarce resource across the world as the human population increases. According to the United Nations, "Around 1.2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world's population, live in areas of physical scarcity, and 500 million people are approaching this situation." Water conservation plumbing products are an excellent way to preserve this vital resource by preventing waste. By learning more about these products and how to implement them into your home, doing your part to save our freshwater resource should be accomplishable in no time at all. Continue reading

  • Tap Into Water Bottle Filling Stations For a Greener Environment

    Refilling an eight-ounce empty water bottle at a regular water fountain has always been an exercise in futility. It usually takes just the precise amount of bottle tilt to get it at least three-quarters full, never mind the increasing line of thirsty people impatiently waiting for you. Now there is a newer, easier way to refill water bottles on the go. Several locations including airports, parks, and office buildings have installed dedicated water bottle filling stations for this purpose. Even touring rock bands are jumping onto the refillable water station bandwagon. The music group, Black-Eyed Peas use their own water bottle filling station on tour. Continue reading

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